Welcome to Favor Ceylon Tea

Welcome to the mystique of tea … Welcome to the green, mist-drenched highlands of Sri Lanka, where our finest quality teas grow to maturity on terraced hillsides, fed by pure sparkling waters and clean mountain air. Close your eyes and savor the aromas of our tea varietals; sip, and taste the pure essence of our world-renowned tea infusions. With centuries of tea-growing experience and the careful cultivation of each tea plant in our gardens, every cup of Favor Ceylon tea embodies the art of tea. Sip, and be transported to our verdant island, jewel of the Indian Ocean … sip, and experience the mystique of tea.

About Favor Ceylon Tea

An ancient eastern legend tells of the mystical origin of tea. As the story goes, monks meditating in the forest found their eyelids growing heavy, so they plucked their eyelashes and cast them onto the ground. Where they fell, tea plants sprouted. By brewing the golden liquid, the monks were able to overcome sleep and successfully focus their meditation; hence tea’s association with the qualities of clarity, mindfulness, and enlightenment. Whether sipped in the morning to clear and focus the mind, or savored at night to bring serenity and relaxation, tea continues to be cherished in many world cultures for its enhancement of spiritual and physical health and well-being. Pure Ceylon teas have long been prized by tea connoisseurs around the world, who covet the purity and delicacy of Ceylon’s high-grown teas. Over the centuries, Europeans have vied for the secrets of our tea cultivation. Now, Sri Lanka is sharing this most cherished prize with the West in its very special Favor Ceylon Tea.